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Holding Space for Climate Grief, July 9-10

Updated: May 21, 2023

Holding Space for Climate Grief is a 2-day workshop dedicated to collectively processing grief related to our human-caused climate emergency. Engage in embodied practices, asana (postural yoga), reflection, creative expression, and ceremony. Sign up on the Sitka website.

Read below to learn about...

Kate and Danielle met in yoga school at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center in 2018. Already sustainability/climate professionals, earth-lovers and big feelers, this workshop came out of the recognition that we were both having tides of swelling emotions related to climate change and that there were few spaces dedicated to holding those feelings (especially grief) in community.

Our approaches

Trauma-informed - This workshop is designed with a trauma-informed lens. You are encouraged to take breaks and make space when you need and want it. We will provide several options to enter into contemplation and reflection. Everything is an invitation.

Emergent - We know that the impacts of climate change are not equitably distributed, and neither is the harm. By moving slowly, creating space for building relationships and a culture of care, we hope to co-create a space to hold our different realities honestly and tenderly. *we are big fans of adrienne maree brown

Eco-somatic - We recognize that humans are a part of nature, and that a deep connection to the natural world outside of our bodies is an ancient practice within all of our bones. Being in the body (soma) and engaging in practices to tap into our interconnection with each other and our earth-home (eco) can expand our sense of embodied knowing, wonder and sense of connection. Rooted in eco-somatic practices, we can grow our capacity to transform our climate grief into connection and action.

Facilitator bios

Kate Skaggs (she/her/they/them) is a practitioner in the

climate resilience field. A curiosity of the inner and outer landscapes, and how these are in conversation with daily life, gently pulled them into practicing yoga 13 years ago; Eventually leading to a climate resilience approach shaped by the philosophy and values of yoga. Kate hopes to hold space for others to be in similar close-in consultations with themselves and others. They are actively, humbly, working to dismantle internalized implicit biases but know they will make mistakes; accountability and integrity matter and they are working to grow those skills especially when the impact of their words or actions cause harm. Kate graduated from the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center's Yoga Teacher Training in 2019.

Danielle Marie Jones (she/her) is a weaver of yoga,

anti-racist and Earth-based practices. Working as a facilitator and sustainability professional she finds that breath, meditation and asana are important avenues to help regulate our body systems, and to reimagine relationships that center equity and healing. Danielle is a graduate of the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center’s Yoga Teacher Training (2019), Leadership for Sustainability M.S. program (2018), and Center for Diversity & the Environment’s Emerging Leaders program (2017).


  • ADA - The path from the parking lot and into the Smith studio is ADA accessible, as well as the studio itself. Some pathways around Sitka are also ADA accessible but the larger landscape is not - hilly with uneven ground. Should any part of the workshop invite venturing off-path, we will provide other ADA accessible options.

  • Movement - The workshop will include suggestions for movement, yoga poses (asana) and time moving in nature. Yoga asana will be beginner friendly, and include options so that participants can choose how to modify practice to suit their needs/intentions. We will have props like blocks and bolsters to share in limited numbers, so be sure to communicate your accessibility needs so we can prioritize you.

  • Language - The workshop is entirely in English. If you are interested in co-creating a version of this workshop specific to your community and/or in a language other than English, please reach out. We love collaboration!

Should you have other accessibility needs that we should plan for, please reach out to so we can determine if an accommodation is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I stay?

  • Lodging is not included in the price of the workshop. You can refer to Sitka's lodging resources page for guidance. Once you sign up for the workshop, we will connect you with other attendees should you wish to share lodging.

Will food be provided?

  • We will have some snacks and tea available but please plan to bring your lunch both days.

Is there an option for carpooling?

  • Once you sign up, we will connect you with other attendees to coordinate carpooling. If driving is a barrier, please reach out to and we can connect you with current attendees.

I'm under 18, can I attend?

  • Yes! Participants as young as 12 can attend, however if you are 12-15 you must be accompanied by an adult also attending the workshop. We recognize that youth are likely the greatest impacted by the climate emergency as they were born into it. Being too young to vote, it is more challenging to feel like your voice matters. Many youth are experiencing unprecedented feelings of hopelessness, exacerbated by isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this particular workshop is not youth-centered, we feel that the various ways to engage, make it a youth-friendly workshop.

Are there scholarships available?

  • Not this time around. The workshop structure at Sitka did not allow us to do tiered pricing, as is our preference. So we worked out some other strategies to make the workshop as affordable as possible, while covering our costs. Should finances be a barrier, please reach out to and share how much you would be able to contribute. We will do our best to reach out to our networks to seek financial support.

This is important work! How can I support?

  • You can share our flyer, repost on social media, and tell your friends and loved ones!

  • Should you want to support financially, for a BIPOC person or someone with limited finances to attend, you can either reach out to or Venmo Danielle @DanMarieJ

Have other questions? Please email

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