About Danielle 

Bringing my full self to my work means situating myself in the intersection of education, health, sustainability, spirituality and culture. Centering healing and interconnection in necessary for us to transform our systems, practices, and inner-selves away from an extractive culture to one of regeneration. I design curriculum and workshops for K-12, and adult learners focused on primarily two spheres: sustainability and embodied practices. As someone with many intersectional identities I know that complexity and conflict are challenging and messy but necessary for growth and change. I love supporting others in leaning into their discomfort to learn, grow and heal.

In January 2021 I shared my dream for Sankofa Village Arkansas, an intentional community centering Black healing, liberation and regeneration. Read more here.

I teach yoga weekly through the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center (BYMC), most offerings are online though there are occasional in-person outdoor classes and workshops. The embodied practices I design focus on breath work, movement encouraging choice and support as well as meditative practices rooted in regeneration and healing.


In 2020 I was honored with assisting with the Anatomy, Asana and Pranayama portion of the 2020 BYMC yoga teacher training. I also facilitated a Philosophy discussion around Michelle Johnson's book 'Skill in Action. Please contact me if you are interested in an offering for your team or studio, I am happy to collaborate!


My Latest Projects

Sankofa Village Arkansas

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Sankofa Village Arkansas will be an intentional community centering Black healing, liberation and regeneration located in Little Rock, AR. With generous community-crowdsourcing as of February 8th 2021 I have signed a land-purchase contract for a 5-acre parcel of undeveloped land. Next steps involve working with an engineer and creating a community collaborative to guide the project.



Soil to soul: Phenomenological Inquiry into Black geographies & Ecopsychologies

How do Black folks connect to the Earth?

This research explores the interconnectedness of Black geographies and ecopsychology through interviews with 12 Black participants living in Portland, OR.  Layered within these larger themes include: generational trauma, collective knowledge, sustainable practices, and Black identity.  In the fields of sustainability this is a unique study digging deeper than behavior around recycling or cycling, but how individuals’ beliefs, identities and conceptions around race and green spaces shape their connection with the Earth. Research concluded in 2018, writing in progress.


Fallen Tree

Dismantling Racism

In response to the unsettling within my own body and the calls for social justice change I created this Dismantling Racism Series. Each week we focus on dismantling a different white supremacy characteristic, offering alternative values through an nature-inspired meditation followed by an asana practice to embody the shift and tune into the body as it is. I use cues that emphasize choice and hold space for emotions that arise. This weekly series runs 12 weeks, August 17 - November 10th 2020.

2nd place in the 2018 Three Minute Thesis competition held at Portland State University



methods diagram

Methods Diagram

Ecological-Social-Self Framework

Ecological-Social-Self Framework

Research memo

Research Memo


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