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About Danielle 

I am a weaver of Earth-based, anti-racist and somatic practices designing frameworks, systems and learning opportunities for K-adult learners.

Bringing my full self to my work means nestling within the intersection of education, health, sustainability, spirituality and culture. I believe that centering healing and interconnection in necessary for us to transform our systems, practices, and beliefs away from an extractive culture to one of regeneration. As someone with many intersectional identities I embrace chaos, complexity and conflict as the impetus for messy but potentially radical growth and change. I love supporting others in leaning into both their curiosities and discomforts to learn, grow and heal.

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Born and raised in Little Rock, AR loving learning, camping and the arts I was aware at a young age the ways that racism impacted access, participation and belonging in these spaces. 

I went on to study Sociology, Environmental Studies and Education at Rhodes College in Memphis TN. In the summer of 2013, I studied studying in Copenhagen and became increasingly curious about the dynamic relationship between urban design and health outcomes. I decided to pursue my masters at Portland State University, studying Leadership for Sustainable Education and conducting original research on Black Earth-connection.

When I'm not nurturing Sankofa Village Arkansas, or teaching yoga at the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center I love playing in my garden, eating good food, watching anime and spending time with loved ones.

My latest projects

My Projects

Sankofa Village Arkansas

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Sankofa Village Arkansas will be an intentional community centering Black healing, liberation and regeneration located in Little Rock, AR. Launched in January 2021 with a successful crowdsources campaign (raising over $17K but an unsuccessful land purchase), as of February 2022 we are focused on building relationships with like-minded community members and navigating the legal structures and landscapes of planning and zoning.

Yoga Classes & Workshops

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I believe pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, and asana (postural yoga) to be important avenues to help regulate our body systems, as well as reimagining our relationships in community and systems that center equity and healing. I enjoy offering practices that honor the impact of our environments on our bodied existence, and celebrate the ability of Mother Earth's teachings to help us better understand ourselves - an extension of her. I have been practicing yoga since 2014 and have been teaching since 2019 when I completed 300hrs of Yoga Teacher Training from the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center (BYMC) in Portland, OR.

My classes are healing-centered, grounding, and emphasize choice and curiosity.

Take a class - As of September 2022, I sub in-person and virtual classes at the BYMC and you can also find some of my classes in their livestream library. 

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Published Research

Development and Psychometric Assessment of Measures for a Novel STEM Pathway Program that Represents a Partnership between an Academic Health Professions University and High Schools in Underserved Oregon Communities

Carney PA, Bonuck K, Lenahan K, Martinez A, Jones DM and Shugerman S



Soil to soul: Phenomenological Inquiry into Black geographies & Ecopsychologies

How do Black folks connect to the Earth?

This research explores the interconnectedness of Black geographies and ecopsychology through interviews with 12 Black participants living in Portland, OR.  Layered within these larger themes include: generational trauma, collective knowledge, sustainable practices, and Black identity.  In the fields of sustainability this is a unique study digging deeper than behavior around recycling or cycling, but how individuals’ beliefs, identities and conceptions around race and green spaces shape their connection with the Earth. Research concluded in 2018, writing in progress.

2nd place in the 2018 Three Minute Thesis competition held at Portland State University

methods diagram
Ecological-Social-Self Framework
Research memo
Food, Garden & Medicinals

Garden, Food and Fun

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